Latittude Solar is located in the land of the midnight sun, in Swedish Lapland, 85 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle. Latitude north 67 passes right through their production facility.

State-of-the-art manufacturing

Latitude Solar products are assembled in a highly automated state-of-the-art plant where nothing is left to chance, and stringent standards are enforced at all times.

Their focus is on consistent, documented manufacturing excellence. This means end-users and installers know they can rely on the remarkable performance and durability of Latitude Solar panels, and that when they’re fitted they’ll work – and keep on working – exactly as intended.

Philosophy of excellence

They maintain a Scandinavian approach to excellence and responsibility in everything they do, and in all their relations with both installers and end-users, as well as suppliers and other working partners. They use only the best components and materials, sourced from dependable European suppliers that are recognised as world leaders in their specialist fields.

Their unrelenting focus on excellence is also why they use well-proven materials, technologies and manufacturing processes that ensure documented quality and consistency.


Their technology is based entirely on common and well proven materials and technologies; both in the design of the solar module and in the way it is produced.

Only premium quality raw materials are used in a Latitude Solar module, and all subsuppliers are world-leading in their field. All raw materials are thorough tested and individually certified.

Solar cells – which is the heart in a solar module - are sourced entirely from premium class cell manufacturers. Apart from the material quality of cells, the next most important selection criteria for cell suppliers are that they are financially sound and of a size that enable them to indemnify Latitude Solar and Latitude Solar’s customers in case of declining quality. The largest and most important cell supplier to Latitude Solar is Q-Cells who is the world leader in manufacture of high-quality crystaline solar cells. Latitude Solar and Q-Cells has entered a ten year strategic partnership agreement.

An effective quality assurance system, a state-of-the-art production line and a one hundred percent end-control of every module that leaves the factory, ensures that Latitude Solar’s customers receives only premium quality solar modules.

Materials used in the module are of premium quality from European suppliers, and has been tested and certified individually according to IEC 61215.